The challenge

The health care sector still often relies on standards based on the averages of populations. However, the application of personalized care is on the rise. The Fieldlab 3D Medical wants to further boost this development of personalized care, and even patient specific care, by digitalization of surgery with 3D technology such as 3D Imaging, 3D (bio) Printing, AI, Computer Navigation and Digital Twin. 

To be able to do this, the surgery workflow needs to be described and digitalized. This offers the potential

  • to learn from others (other surgeons, patients and interventions) ,
  • to standardize where is can be standardized,
  • to make the ‘production’ process robust
  • to lower the costs of patient specific solutions on top of the standard

These developments can fundamentally change healthcare.The Fieldlab partners expect that within a few years considerable progress can be made in the field of the digitalization of surgery. The results for the patient will improve because the surgeon (in consultation with the patient) can prepare for the operation thanks to 3D digital visualization and can improve the performance of the operation thanks to the support of 3D digital guidance techniques. One major advantage in this development is that  the surgeon can multiply his or her expertise and also learn from other experiences.  


How we work

The Fieldlab 3DMedical organizes collaboration through innovation projects and gives access to research facilities, students and scientists at the following facilities:

  • the 3D Medical lab of UMC Utrecht,
  • the Biofabrication Facility of the UMC and Utrecht University,
  • the researchlab and the workshop of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and Foundation ProtoSpace. 


The multidisciplinary approach of the Fieldlab partners results in projects with Proofs-of-concept, which are tested on both medical and technical feasibility. These can then mature at the chain partners and be marketed through them. 



Interested? Please contact

Ir. Annemieke de Raad
Business Development Fieldlab 3DMedical
+316 183 028 48