The 3D Face Lab is the (dental) technical laboratory of the Department of Oral Diseases, Jaw and Face Surgery and Special Dental Care at the UMC Utrecht. In the 3D Face Lab, the surgeons and dentists are commissioned to carry out technical work for patients with a complex face-to-face care requirement.

The 3D Face Lab can be approached via the UMC Utrecht. The Fieldlab 3DMedical uses the expertise of the 3D Face Lab.

The 3D Face Lab focuses primarily on the more complex care needs within oral diseases, jaw and face surgery and special dentistry. The 3D Face Lab makes and repairs tooth, bobbin and face prostheses manually. The lab also has 3D printers, software and scanners and the dental technicians work with the latest digital techniques. The latest software programs are used to digitally simulate facial operations and implant schedules. These digital plans use CT and/or MRI images. This means that the placement of the implant is planned and designed precisely in advance. The 3D printer prints study models and drilling and sawing jigs that are used during the operations.

The employees of the (dental) technical laboratory are directly involved by the doctors in the treatment of the patients. In this way, the best patient-specific results are achieved.

The 3D Face Lab designs and produces:

  • Drilling jigs,
  • Repositioning templates,
  • Post-op malfunction plates,
  • Stegconstruties (the construction on which a prosthesis is attached),
  • Implant planning (pre-determining the position of implants),
  • Orthognomic planning (for displacement of the jaw parts),
  • (Bobbin) prosthesis/obturators,
  • Facial prostheses/epitheses,
  • Oncological reconstructions,
  • Reconstructions after trauma,
  • PSIs (Patient Specific Implants).

Scientific research
The 3D Face Lab offers support to the AIOS (physician training to be a specialist) of the MKA-BT department. This support consists of thinking along with the use of software and working out digital issues.

Training and education
The 3D Face Lab provides a training module for the AIOS of the MKA Surgery Department in which it learns how to digitally simulate and plan an orthognatic operation.



Please contact:

ir. Annemieke de Raad

New Business Development Manager Fieldlab 3DMedical

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+316 183 028 48.