Personalised patient care using 3D technology

Fieldlab 3DMedical wants to answer the demand for more personalised patient care. This is done through supporting the development, commercialization and implementation of new 3D applications. In addition, the Fieldlab supports the training of the next generation of students and professionals in this field.

Bundling forces

The Fieldlab 3DMedical is a collaboration of

  • the Division of Surgical Specialties of UMC Utrecht,
  • the Biofabrication Facility of Utrecht Life Sciences,
  • the Product and System Engineering lab and the Institute of Engineering & Design at Hogeschool Utrecht and
  • ProtoSpace.

This combination of forces in the medical and technical field increases knowledge and accelerates the development of new applications. The multidisciplinary approach results in projects with proof-of-concepts that have been tested for both medical and technical feasibility. These can grow with the chain partners and be marketed through them - in collaboration with the Fieldlab3D Medical.

Our partners have a unique combination of innovation methodology, facilities, medical specialists and technologists.

The Utrecht Science Park offers essential preconditions such as knowledge infrastructure, facilities, incubators, validation and valorisation partners. Stichting Utrecht Science Park provides the front office of the Fieldlab 3DMedical

What we offer
The Fieldlab 3DMedical offers expertise, lab facilities and collaboration in the following 3D Medical spearheads: biofabrication, personalized implants and personalized tooling.

The technologies that are used to achieve acceleration are 3D imaging (MRI, CT), 3D (bio) printing, virtual reality (serious gaming) and sensoring (collecting data).

Together with interested partners, we want to smooth and standardize the path for commercial applications.

Participating in the Fieldlab 3DMedical means gaining access to knowledge, facilities, talent, subsidy applications and projects. We provide customized services and, depending on the services offered, a contribution can be requested.

We warmly invite interested parties to take part in the Fieldlab 3DMedical partnership. Please contact:, mobile: +316 183 028 48.



Ir. Annemieke de Raad
New Business Development Fieldlab 3DMedical
+316 183 028 48