Our expertise

Utrecht Biofabrication Facility

The Utrecht Biofabrication Facility aims at expediting emerging biofabrication technologies in areas of regenerative medicine, 3D in vitro cell culture models and therapeutic treatments. It brings together engineers, materials scientists, cell biologists, clinicians and commercial partners to create living 3D laboratory models.

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Product, Process and Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering is an important area of expertise that runs right through the production and design environment and is of increasing importance in healthcare and surgery.

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Protospace Agile Prototyping

ProtoSpace thinks creatively and technically with your innovation, and works towards a functional prototype as soon as possible. In order to be able to supervise each project, ProtoSpace has various skills in-house, such as industrial design, product design, mechatronics, embedded software and electrical engineering.

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3D Face Lab

The 3D Face Lab is the (dental) technical laboratory of the Department of Oral Diseases, Jaw and Face Surgery and Special Dental Care at the UMC Utrecht. In the 3D Face Lab, the surgeons and dentists are commissioned to carry out technical work for patients with a complex face-to-face care requirement.

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