FieldLab 3DMedical on TV
28 december 2020

On 28 December at  4 p.m the RTL Z program 'De Barometer' (in Dutch) has presented the Fieldlab 3DMedical in a special on medical technologies and way of working in the clinic. Koen Willemsen, Ralph Sakkers and Joel Kortes of the 3DFacelab (in Dutch) of the University Medical Center Utrecht and lecturer Microsystem Technology  and Professor Microsystemtechnology Erik Puik of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht show what is happening in the clinic and why it is essential to use the system approach (Systems Engineering) when developing 3DMedical applications for patient-specific solutions in the operating room.

Beautiful and Organised Predator
10 september 2020

Hoekmine, a company within the Utrecht InnovationLab, shows the biological role of structural colours of bacterial origin. Just published in the ISME Journal ( A nice example of synergy between applied and fundamental research; How studies towards enhancement of structural colour expression can give insight in the biological role of structural colours.

Hogeschool Utrecht opens Bioprocestechnology lab
30 januari 2020

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht has opened a Bioprocess Technology lab at Heidelberglaan 7. Two bioreactors/fermentors are currently in operation, with the possibility of further expansion.

HU-students are working with bacteria on sustainable jet fuel
28 januari 2020

From Trajectum: In the Innovation Lab Life Sciences & Chemistry HU-students try to convert bacteria into sustainable kerosene for aircraft for start-up Microfuels.

Body parts from the bioprinter
3 september 2019

A heart valve, a meniscus and a part of the femur. Swiss and Dutch researchers (from the UMC Utrecht) have developed a 3D bioprinter that prints body parts within seconds.

Winner UtrechtInc Student Challenge announced
14 mei 2019

Last Thursday was the final of the UtrechtInc Student Challenge. The Cell Therapy Facility team was selected as the winner by the jury.