Winner UtrechtInc Student Challenge announced
14 mei 2019

Last Thursday was the final of the UtrechtInc Student Challenge. The Cell Therapy Facility team was selected as the winner by the jury.

Job offer: Business Intelligence Analyst Life Science & Health
30 april 2019

For the Domain Living Environment, Team Economy, the province of Utrecht is looking for a Business Intelligence Analyst Life Science & Health

Prototyping for Hoekmine @ Avicenna Hackathon
2 april 2019

During the Avicenna Hackathon, which was held in Utrecht on 23 and 24 March, Hoekmine - a startup of the Utrecht Science Park Innovation Lab - developed the 'Mondriaan 1' culture chip.

Two RAAK PRO projects submitted
5 maart 2019

Two Raak Pro projects have been submitted by the HU, Utrecht Science Park InnovationLab and partners.

Rescheduled event 15 januari: InnovationLab: making innovation accesible
8 januari 2019

Unfortunately, we have to reschedule the event that was scheduled for 15 January: InnovationLab: making innovation accesible. Fortunately, we also have good news: This year we are creating an even more beautiful and innovative event with the InnovationLab as the main attraction!

Fifth edition Facility Track starts February 2019
10 december 2018

A must for every manager of a research facility Ondernemerschap – Coaching – Training - Pitching

Finding the genes that colour life
19 februari 2018

One of the most beautiful aspects of nature is structural colour; intense angle-dependent hues displayed by many animals, plants, insects and birds - including the Peacock and the Blue Morpho butterfly. Surprisingly, despite being studied since the time of Hooke and Newton, little is known about the genes involved.