A vibrant, dynamic and exciting place to start or accelerate your Life Sciences venture

Photo: HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Femke van den Heuvel

Working on your project with a network of experts and high-quality facilities

The Utrecht Science Park Innovation Lab Life Sciences & Chemistry contributes to innovation together with the business community (startups, SMEs and large companies), associations and foundations and knowledge institutions by conducting applied research. We offer facilities in the field of chemical analysis and process technology, molecular and cell biology and microbiology.

Working with a team of experts
We offer a team of multidisciplinary experts on for example the replacement, refinement and reduction of animal experiments, advanced cell culture techniques (including stem cells and organoids), toxicology, (bio) availability of components, peptide synthesis, big data and bioinformatics, human studies , microbiology, membrane filtration and fermentations. Our Innovation Lab is part of a national network of labs and experts in (bio) chemistry.


  • Working in a high-quality research environment for relatively low costs: By collaborating with research and educational institutions, companies can work in a high-quality ISO-certified research environment, without the need for high investments in their own laboratory infrastructure.
  • Attractive opportunities for startups: tailor-made business models for public-private partnerships can be developed together with startups that are still working to attract financing for their business.
  • Access to ecosystem and network Utrecht Science Park: the Innovation Lab is part of an ecosystem that not only promotes access to research infrastructure and students, but also contributes to entrepreneurship through incubator and accelerator programs.
  • Talent development: companies have the opportunity to identify talented students with the right profile and to offer them an internship or employment contract.

Access to the daily practice of companies offers lecturers and researchers the opportunity to keep their knowledge up-to-date and thus to prepare students with an optimal connection to the labor market.

Open learning community

The InnovationLab works as an open learning community based on open innovation and co-creation. Thanks to the cross-fertilization between researchers, clients and students, smart solutions arise.

Utrecht Science Park Innovation Lab Life Sciences & Chemistry is housed at Hogeschool Utrecht (research group Innovative Testing in Life Sciences & Chemistry).

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