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Colin Ingham - ceo of startup Hoekmine

"Being a partner of the Innovation Lab feels like having a 'bigger' company"

The Innovation Lab is an outcome for biotech startups that need a sustainable partner to develop their product. One of those startups is Hoekmine, which has been a partner of the Innovation Lab since it was founded.

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Yvonne Verbeek - R&D officer of Dopharma

"The collaboration with the InnovationLab has been essential in the development of a product"
Partner from the very beginning is Dopharma, a producer of veterinary medicines for intensive livestock farming. Yvonne Verbeek, R&D officer at Dopharma, says: "Actually we were already involved when it was not yet called Innovation Lab Utrecht Science Park."

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Marjolein Wildwater - ceo of spin-off Vivaltes

"By working in a multidisciplinary team you can go much further than on your own"

Companies regularly turn to the Utrecht Science Park InnovationLab for expertise, facilities and collaboration, but it can also be the other way around. Marjolein Wildwater is director of Vivaltes and project leader at the research group Innovative Testing in Life Sciences and Chemistry. Vivaltes is a spin-off from the research group and partner of the InnovationLab.

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Daphne van Hoesel and Marjolein Kuijpers - project managers at QVQ

"Good combination of college students in 'university' startup"
Do HBO (university of applied sciences) graduates opt for "safe options" in a large company? Working at a startup is an interesting alternative with great career opportunities! Marjolein Kuijpers and Daphne van Hoesel are speaking. They work at QVQ, a spin-off from Utrecht University and Unilever. Marjolein and Daphne have both completed the Bachelor's in Biology and Medical Laboratory Research (Life Sciences) at Hogeschool Utrecht (HU) and know each other from the program.
This course is connected to the research group Innovative Testing in Life Sciences and Chemistry of the HU and the Utrecht Science Park Innovation Lab Life Sciences & Chemistry.

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Paul Kwakman - former Director of Research Trimb

"The InnovationLab is like a 'Hotel' Lab: hospitable, flexible and versatile"

Sometimes collaboration comes about by being in the right place at the right time. Paul Kwakman of BioClin (now Trimb) sees it as perfect timing: “I was looking for a lab and was at a congress where I met Raymond Pieters who talked about the lab. After that, the ball started rolling."

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Marien de Jonge and Ronald Maas - owners of Microfuel Innovations

Marien de Jonge and Ronald Maas, the men behind Microfuel Innovations, have not been around at the InnovationLab for long. Marien: "We started seriously last year to look at the possibilities. Last spring, we received funding from SIA for our feasibility study. This has accelerated the collaboration with the Innovation Lab."

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