Areas of expertise

iLab has expertise in the field of chemical analysis and synthesis, chemical engineering, biochemistry and molecular biological analysis. There is extensive experience with tissue culture techniques, immunochemical techniques, and the analysis of the presence of substances in complex matrices. iLab research is focused on the development of non-animal test methods to measure the efficacy and safety of substances. The theme health plays a central role in the research, in all its aspects.

Development of 3R methods

New techniques and in vitro models are developed to test the safety and efficacy of substances. The final application plays an important role in the development. Human relevance is often an important criteria in the development.

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Chemistry and biochemistry

To determine whether substances are effective or toxic, synthesis and characterization of materials is important. This takes an important place in the chemistry and biochemistry research at iLab.

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Bacteria and fungi play an important role in the health of humans and animals. With the help of the models that are present and are being developed, studies can be conducted to the biological effects of specific micro-organisms.

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Exposure and the presence of substances

Measuring the presence and concentrations of organic compounds in the environment (air, water, soil, sediment, sewage) in organisms and toxicity tests (exposure assessment) and the distribution (partition, sorption) of these substances between different environmental compartments, phases in toxicity testing and biocompartimenten.

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