One of our very first partners was Dopharma, a producer of veterinary medicines for intensive livestock farming. Yvonne Verbeek, R & D officer at Dopharma says: "Actually we were already involved when it was not yet called Utrecht Science Park Innovation Lab."

Labspace and research outside your own office

"I am concerned with the task of developing alternatives for the use of antibiotics for intensive livestock farming. To perform tests for this, our own lab was not equipped properly, so I started looking for opportunities. I opted for collaboration with Hu University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. During a meeting with Raymond Pieters (professor Innovative Testing in Life Sciences and Chemistry, ed.), We found out that we have overlapping interests. His research matched my wishes. He works very openly and transparently and I can always turn to him for a question or advice. Moreover, I find it useful that a university of applied sciences is close to the business and corporate world.

We use the lab facilities and also hire an analyst from the university for 2 days a week. We also ran a 'projecticum' (a project for students, with a question from companies) with students for a number of years."

Collaborating with PhD graduates

“Ik ben over het algemeen 2 dagen per week op de hogeschool aanwezig. Wat mij in het begin verraste is dat er heel veel gepromoveerden in het lab rondlopen. Dat verwacht je toch niet helemaal bij een hogeschool. Inmiddels ben ik het gewend en is de kennis en expertise die een ieder vanuit zijn of haar discipline en achtergrond meebrengt, voor mij zeer waardevol.”

"I am generally at the InnovationLab for 2 days a week. What surprised me in the beginning is that a lot of PhD graduates are walking around in the lab. You do not expect that at a university of applied sciences. Now I am used to it and the knowledge and expertise that everyone brings from his or her discipline and background is very valuable to me. "

The unexpected value of serendipity

"Because I am working in the lab, it is very easy to spar with other researchers who are also there. Very smart and experienced people aare always round me. Those moments are worth their weight gold for my research and really make the difference. With my colleagues in the company, I can not turn to the expertise I needed for the in vitro product development tests. At the InnovationLab this expertise is there: if I have a question, there is always someone who knows a test or a model that helps me. Without that help and expertise, I would not have been able to develop and test a product. In fact, these are chance encounters that can create synergy. "

For potential partnersof the InnovationLab

"If you think about collaborating with the InnovationLab, I would say: do it! It is very easy to arrange and you get a lot in return. You can figure it out on your own but it is much more fun, easier and faster to 'hitchhike' with people who also really like what you do! "

Do you want to work with us, just like Yvonne?

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