22 november 2019

Final Symposium 2 RealGuts, a Raak Pro Project

Join us for the final symposium of the Raak Pro 2RealGuts project.

On behalf of all partners, we hope to share with you our results and welcome you on 22 November 2019 in Utrecht.

We'll outline the results of the project and want to illustrate the possibilities and implementation of the newly developed models in food and feed research. This is the perfect starting point to discuss future project developments with you. 

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9:30 Doors open

  • 10:00 Welcome // dr. Cyrille Krul, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht
  • 10:15 Introduction and Overview of all activities within 2RealGuts project // dr. Raymond Pieters, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences (IRAS) Utrecht University
  • 10:40 The use of human intestinal organoids and the developments of intestine on a chip // dr. Evita van de Steeg, TNO
  • 11:00 Validation studies, a ring trial of intestinal murine organoid culture at  Nutricia Research, TNO and HU and development of IL-22 induced mucin production in intestinal organoids // dr. Saertje Verkoeijen HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht
  • 11:30 The use of intestinal murine organoids in research towards mucositis // dr. Jeroen van Bergenhenegouwen, Danone Nutricia Research
  • 11:50  Effects of probiotics on murine intestinal organoids // dr. Jean Paul Ten Klooster PhD, HU University of Applied Science Utrecht

12:15 Lunch

  • 13:00 The importance of extracellular signals in bioengineered intestinal tubules // Prof. Roos Masereeuw Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences (UIPS), Utrecht University
  • 13:30 The use of intestinal organoids from pigs in mechanistic research towards feed components // dr. Stefan Vaessen PhD, Perstorp
  • 14:00 Evaluation of intestinal organoids and explants in 3R and the new challenges // dr. Raymond Pieters, HU University of Applied Sciences, IRAS

14:15 Break

  • 14:30 Workshop to determine the next step and  RAAK PRO 2020 // dr. ir. Laura M’Rabet, Slim2 and Utrecht Science Park InnovationLab Life Science & Chemistry
    • Sub sessions:
      •  Morphology and fluidics in in vitro models
      •  The use of pluripotent stem cells
      •  Needed Chemical Analyses

17:00 Wrap up and drinks



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