Onze life sciences laboratoria zijn uitgerust voor celkweek, het uitvoeren van celanalyses (flowcytometrie, fluorescentiemicroscopie), eiwitanalyse (western blotting, Imagers, plate lezers), moleculaire biologie (Cloning, qPCR genexpressie), microbiologie (aërobe en anaërobe), C. elegans (incubators, (TL) microscopen).

Apparatuur Life Sciences

  • Flow cytometer (Accuri C6 with autosampler, 4 fluorescence detectors for FITC, PE, PerCP-Cy™5.5 & APC)
  • FPLC (6 pcs, 4x Aktaprime plus and 2x Akta start, GE Healthcare),
  • Fluorescence inverted microscope (Olympus IX71 with Z-stack possibility and with mountable climate chamber for cell culture)
  • Epithelial  (EVOM2, World Precision Instruments)
  • Realtime-PCR (3 pcs., 1x Applied Biosystems StepONePLus, 96-well, 4-color standard and fast reactions, 1x Bio-Rad Mini-opticon, 48-well,  2-color, and 2 x Bio-Rad MyIQ 96-well, single-color
  • Nanodrop (3 pcs. Thermo Scientific)
  • Eukaryotic electroporation (Neon Transfection system, Invitrogen)
  • Chemicdoc imaging system (4pcs., 1x 1x XRS+, 3x XR+, Bio-Rad)
  • Plate readers (Fluorescence, FRET, Luminescence,  Absorbance, monochromator and fixed wavelengths, BMG-Labtech and Bio-Rad)
  • Anaerobic chamber (Bactron 600, Shellab)
  • Anaerobic jars (AW2CTS, Anoxamat),
  • Bacterial electroporation (Transporator plus, BTX)
  • Densitometer (>10 pcs., DEN-1, Grant-Bio)
  • Linistain (2 pcs.)
  • Automated Gram staining (PreviColor gram, Biomérieux)
  • Bacterial Identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing (ID/AST, Vitek Compact, Biomérieux
  • Cryotome (Microm UM505E)