January 30, 2020

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht has opened a Bioprocesstechnology lab at Heidelberglaan 7. Two bioreactors/fermentors are currently in operation, with the possibility of further expansion.

Jenny Cadée, driving force behind the realisation of the new lab: "We are proud to have a bioprocess technology lab. A fine example of multidisciplinary research, bringing together different disciplines of Life Sciences/microbiology, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, and chemical technology. It fits in well with ILC's ambition to train research analysts and process technologists who can contribute to three themes: Sustainability, Food & Health, Health & Diseases. From September 2019, the bioreactors will be integrated in the new 1st and 2nd year chemistry and chemical technology curriculum. In the 3rd and 4th year, this will be done through practical assignments for companies and internships".

By working together in a multidisciplinary way on assignments from companies, students learn to take a broader view of practical challenges, learn what professionals from other disciplines can offer in terms of additional knowledge and learn to work with clients. The first student project started in cooperation with partner QVQuality BV. has been completed. Through challenge-based learning the students researched how they could improve the current protocol of QVQuality BV. The result was a higher return on QVQ's product, which QVQ was very pleased with. As of February 2020 two student projects will start in cooperation with other companies.

Through these projects, companies will be able to get to know young future professionals and also investigate more complex issues. The cross-fertilization between researchers/teachers, clients and students create smart solutions.

The bioprocess technology lab is connected to the InnovatielLab Life Sciences & Chemistry. If you have any questions, please contact innovatielab@utrechtsciencepark.nl.