April 2, 2019

During the Avicenna Hackathon, that was held on 23 and 24 March in Utrecht, Hoekmine - a start up of the Utrecht Science Park InnovationLab - developed the 'Mondriaan 1' culture chip. 

Colin Ingham, ceo of Hoekmine: The “Mondriaan 1” culture chip is designed for the growth and imaging of brightly coloured bacteria (structurally coloured or iridescent) engineered to change colour when they sense dangerous volatiles. The disposable device is designed to allow anybody, anywhere to monitor their environment with the data captured by mobile phone. This prototype is 8 cm across. The red/blue/yellow areas show where the bacteria would develop colour. The device is optimised for imaging and was created very rapidly in the Hackathon with multiple rounds of prototyping at Protospace in 24 hours."

The Hoekmine team were: Thi Tran Ngoc Minh, Diego Staphorst, Vince Sindhunata, Yekaterina Zvorykina, Simone Gottardi, Maarten Korving and Colin Ingham.

Want to know more about the Avicenna Health Hackathon? Click on the image below for the aftermovie: